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RANE Research Associates

Formed in 2004 at Falmouth University, the RANE (Research in Art, Nature and Environment) research group examines the relationship between contemporary arts and ecological thinking, with the aim of contributing to a more sustainable future. Against the backdrop of accelerating environmental and economic collapse, we believe the arts should be a way of developing alternative models of thinking and doing. RANE is now part of the based on the Dartington Hall estate in southwest England and working in association with Schumacher College.


What is a RANE Research Associate?

RANE Research Associates have a shared goal through a very diverse range of practices, and may be based anywhere in the world. RANE does not in any sense own or have any rights over the research generated by individual researchers, but instead is a support mechanism to help researchers work, maximise the impact of their research, and be part of a broader conversation on an ongoing basis.

There will be opportunities for RANE Associates to meet and be part of a cohort of researchers addressing issues of urgency and relevance within the realm of contemporary art and ecology.

There are no rules or proscriptions. Instead, Associates are selected in light of their work and its evident engagement with ecological thinking, processes and ideas. In its first year of operation within, Associates will be invited by’s Directors; in subsequent years we imagine that current Associates will be involved in inviting new researchers to participate.

Associateships are time-limited for a maximum of five years. This is to ensure that we can help support an ongoing strand of work whilst also ensuring a turnover and freshness of ideas within the group.

There is no financial reward or incentive to becoming a RANE Research Associate. Being part of a cohort however can help you shape ideas and thinking, and can help provide a legal structure for funding applications or provide other resources. We are currently working towards a goal of becoming allied formally with one of the major universities in the southwest of England.


How does the research group operate?

RANE operates collaboratively within the framework of and has an evolving administrative structure. Like most collaborative groups, RANE functions only because of input and support from its researchers: there is no huge infrastructure or budget, but a great deal of mutual support. The group itself is now in a period of transition which will no doubt result in new ways of working and operating.


Are there costs associated?

No.  We would however encourage you to become a Member of


How we use your research

  1. We’ll only publish your research on the site with your permission.
  2. You retain all copyrights and other rights.
  3. You will always be clearly identified as the author of the research.
  4. With your permission, we may opt to submit your research to the REF either on behalf of Schumacher College or


What else happens?

We don’t really know at this stage, but we hope to offer:

  • Meetings and sharings, perhaps a couple of times a year. Opportunities to share and discuss your current research
  • Online publishing via the RANE website
  • Discounts on events and in the shop (if you’re a Member)
  • Listings of publication and other opportunities (this should be a group effort)
  • Signposting to other ways of supporting and disseminating your work


How do I become a Research Associate?

Each year we review nominations for new Research Associates. If you’d like to be considered for nomination contact Dr Daro Montag or Dr Richard Povall