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Sue Palmer

Sue Palmer

My current research is an exploration of meeting points, thinking and ideas around nature and contemporary art: public urban green space, municipal parks, landscape, language, habitat, growing, processes and practices of observation and experience — essentially art and culture meeting environmental practices; cultivation of all kinds. This interest is reflected through my online writing project and blog ‘Inquilines’ (2011 ongoing).

I’m interested in public urban green space – how it is made both through the everyday circulation of people and nature, and through participatory design and collaboration – the commons.

In 2016 I was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship to travel to Berlin DE, Vancouver CA and Portland USA, to research innovative participation in public urban green space, with a particular focus on contemporary social arts practices in relation to the environment, and to bring the findings back to UK contexts. My research report will be finalised in February 2017.

I’m also currently developing ‘Common Salt’ – a live performance talk and interactive object – with artist Sheila Ghelani that uses the habitat, border and boundary of the hedge to look at money, weaponry, colonial histories and the natural world. This work has evolved from 3 years of research focused on ecological processes, natural history and covert colonialism with reference to the world’s first transnational corporation, The East India Company.

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25th February 2017

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