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Mat Osmond

Mat Osmond

Mat Osmond is a visual artist, poet and essayist and is one of the conveners of’s In Other Tongues programme. He’s a long-standing member of the RANE (Research in Art, Nature and Environment) research group, now part of the family and based at Dartington). Mat is Senior Lecturer on Falmouth University’s pioneering trans-disciplinary award, the MA Illustration: Authorial Practice; he also worked on its sister award the MA Art & Environment during its inspirational five-year lifespan, where the question of what ecological recovery requires of us took hold as the central thread in all his work. In 2015 Mat’s illustrated chapbook poem Fly Sings won the inaugural Michael Marks Poetry Illustration Award; his most recent project is a word-image collaboration with the poet and Dark Mountain editor Em Strang, on her widely acclaimed post-apocalyptic poem Stone. Mat’s images and words are published through his own imprint Strandline Books, as well as by Dark Mountain, Atlantic Press, and othersIn November 2016 he co-convened the 2nd Cornwall Contemporary Poetry Festival, where he curated two events focused on modes of conversation between visual art and poetry. Mat’s currently acting as guest art editor for the next issue of the Dark Mountain Journal, as well as working on an illustrated collection of poems and two new essays: one about the collaborative friendship between the poet Ted Hughes and the artist Leonard Baskin, and another about the paintings and writings of the American artist and sometime Benedictine nun, Meinrad Craighead.

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25th February 2017

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