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Kate Walters

Kate Walters

‘Becoming the hollow bone’ is a phrase I use to describe my practice and my approach; originally from shamanic teachings of indigenous peoples, it refers to the process of requesting the ego and personal  brain-centred responses to step aside in order for other/bodily impulses to be felt/seen/known. I trained for 7 years in classical shamanism (2000 – 2007).   I am interested in bringing together earth-based ways of responding to esoteric phenomena with contemporary art practices. Spending time in wild,remote places working in darkness, weather, with closed eyes, often with found materials – e.g.peat, earth, grass, sea water, burned olive wood, saliva – I work with the written word and drawn marks to create passages on paper. The gift of animals and birds arriving to find holes in our countenance  is central to my practice, as is the role they play in expanding our consciousness and awareness. I am interested in the frequences/vibrations of phenomena, and how we can respond to them.

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25th February 2017

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