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Isabel Carlisle

Isabel Carlisle

Within the first phase of establishing the Bioregional Learning Centre in South Devon I am conducting Action Research into the role of the arts, design and creativity in establishing/re-awakening place-based identity, finding greater connection to place and re-imagining what it means to be human now. I am not an academic, I am am activist and organiser who is very interested in learning, creates learning programmes and runs them, and weaves learning into all aspects of my work.

My intent is to document and reflect on the whole process of getting whole-systems change into motion. Currently I am running a personal Action Enquiry into the skill of curating whole-systems change (and how to teach it). I have also started a joint enquiry with my team into the Story of this Place: who is this place, how does it organise itself, how do people relate to it. This is set into the methodology of regenerative design. I have not done formal research before but I have been using Action Enquiry since 2009.</p> <p>As part of this research group I would value the support and connection of others who have arts-based practices and enquiries, particularly in this local area.

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25th February 2017

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