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Dr Gemma Anderson

Dr Gemma Anderson

My research focus is on drawing as a way of knowing for art and science, as it has been cultivated in my own practice through the development and dissemination of drawing practices that extend understanding of, and engagement with, the diversity of natural form. The approach encompasses a set of methods that feed on each other and include interdisciplinary collaboration, museum collection study and participatory workshop design, often within the context of scientific institutions such as the Natural History Museum and Imperial College London. Original artistic research has led to the development of two interlinked bodies of artistic research and practice:åÊIsomorphology, the observational study of the shared forms and symmetries of animal, mineral and vegetable species, andåÊIsomorphogenesis, the systematic representation of dynamic form through drawing. As they were being developed, these practices have been shared with artists, natural scientists, students and the general public, to encourage their application and diffusion, through participatory workshops, and more traditional outputs such as conferences, publications and exhibitions. I am currently collaborating with mathematicians at Imperial College London on a project exploring n dimensional mathematical shapes.

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25th February 2017

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