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Dr Camilla Nelson

Dr Camilla Nelson

My research uses an entropic approach to investigate and reform human and other-than-human relations in language. This line of enquiry develops out of my PhD research (2009-2012) entitled “Reading & Writing with a Tree: Practising ‘Nature Writing’ as Enquiry” (Dartington/Falmouth). This research investigated authorial agency in humans and trees in a humanly defined linguistic context. This work was concerned with breaking down habitual (or received) methods of human language composition and reforming them to include the active agency of trees. This was conceived as a tester study that would give rise to methods that might be employed to develop human language-making processes with other organisms. I am in the process of publishing a large part of this material.

My interest in breakdown and reform has developed into another strand of research that links in with Jonathan Skinner’s enquiry into Entropological Poetics. This work looks at how other-than human agency comes to reform human language via entropy. I am currently writing up this work for publication.

My interest in the embodied and material aspects of reading and writing has developed into a third strand, also concerned with the decay and reform of habitual processing (human-environment interaction) that is expressly concerned with human relations with other-than-human entities (book, desk, chair etc.) rather than other-than-human organisms. Reading Movement is a sonic, somatic investigation of reading as a situated act, that includes collaborative and solo performances, a script (long-listed for The Leslie Scalapino Prize 2016), print and online publications

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25th February 2017

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