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Christine Fentz

Christine Fentz

Christine Fentz (director, dramaturg, performer, residency hostess) works with explorations of the non-human other, and various human-nonhuman relations under the project title ‰ÛÏLandscape Dialogues‰Û, which investigates the intersection between participatory performing arts, other art expressions, sustainable approaches and landscape (rural and urban), also in interdisciplinary collaborations. This work takes part mostly within the framework of the production unit/performing arts company Secret Hotel, which Christine is artistic director of Secret Hotel (1999, Aarhus and National Park Mols Bjerge, Denmark).

We try other perceptions through exercises borrowing the gaze, all senses or indeed the whole body of another creature; animal, insect, or vegetation. We also research these possible turning animal, and non-human through collaborations, when offering residencies. I’m a regular participant of The Artistic Research Study Circle of Nordic Summer University (2007-), and was co-editor of anthology Artistic Research: Strategies for Embodiment (NSU Press, 2015).

My artistic research is related to climate change, spirituality and the Anthropocene, and as ‘Friend of AURA’ (Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene) I take part in their Slow Seminars on various interdisciplinary discussions of relevant publications.

My background is a mix of an MA in Dramaturgy, while working on/off with a German theatre group; travelling many times to Tuva, Siberia ‰ÛÒ following the work of their shamans, while diving into the history of pre-Christian Nordic traditions. Later, trying to find ways to braid these two strands together; physical, devised and site-specific theatre with meta-consciousness, and spiritual approaches with respect for the land and all alive.

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25th February 2017

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